One of a Kind Quilts

Scrap quilts often bring to mind the image of a resourceful pioneer woman cutting up worn clothing to create bedcovers for her family. But the truth is that scrap quilting didn’t become as commonplace as we think until the Great Depression when hard-pressed seamstresses were forced to use every bit of fabric they had on hand. Along with feed sacks, these women also used bits of old clothing, worn-out bed linens, and anything else they could get their hands on. Thus, scrap quilting is probably one of the first examples of “upcycling”. When I made my Kaleidoscope quilt earlier this … Continue reading One of a Kind Quilts

Door Toppers

As many of my friends know, and has been alluded to in earlier posts, I have a very friendly black cat named Onyx who spends most of her time sleeping in my craft room. A few months ago, while looking on Thingiverse (a website for 3D printed projects), I saw a garden stake that, when pressed into the ground, showed a black cat peeking up. At the time, I thought that it would be a fun for over the door frame in my craft room. So, I downloaded the stl file, adjusted it to work for my idea and printed … Continue reading Door Toppers