Thanksgiving Family Joy

(and a little sorrow). We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our house. It had been nearly two years since everyone was home together. So, this year was extra special because all four boys were able to visit for a few days. Coming from Madison, Brooklyn(NY), Denver and Robbinsdale, they all arrived in time to join us for dinner. After a wonderful dinner, we spent some time playing games and catching up on life. Throughout the weekend, the boys were able to visit friends, do some shopping and some cookie baking. Tim even updated our household WiFi. There were also lots … Continue reading Thanksgiving Family Joy

One of a Kind Quilts

Scrap quilts often bring to mind the image of a resourceful pioneer woman cutting up worn clothing to create bedcovers for her family. But the truth is that scrap quilting didn’t become as commonplace as we think until the Great Depression when hard-pressed seamstresses were forced to use every bit of fabric they had on hand. Along with feed sacks, these women also used bits of old clothing, worn-out bed linens, and anything else they could get their hands on. Thus, scrap quilting is probably one of the first examples of “upcycling”. When I made my Kaleidoscope quilt earlier this … Continue reading One of a Kind Quilts