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  1. Robin R Klein

    Hello fellow quilter and crafts person,
    Just reading your blog of face masks. There have been sooo many patterns on the internet but as a retired RN ( due to various invisible immune suppressant disablities ) I have found I agree with to deal with viruses. I did enjoy your blog on masks and the extra embroidery on front I love, I’m sure it would help parents geting children to wear one when they go out.
    My major question is where do I find hepa filter material that is not $50/yd?? Yes, I feel my life is worth at least $50. My husband is not making anywhere the type of money he used to so right not economy is an issue. I would need enough for 6 adults and 2 children, optimally and more for local elderly on my street or in local Nursing Centers or Hospital, whomever needs it most. Minimally just 2 adult masks for me and hubs.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    Robin Klein


    1. Erickson's Heirlooms

      Hi Robin, for general shopping, etc, you would not need the filter. And, if you are going to be near someone with Covid and/or donate these for medical personnel, you do not want to include the embroidery. For the filters, HEPA vacuum cleaner bags are about $8-10 each. If you are careful when cutting, you should be able to get about 6-8 adult inserts out of one bag. Be aware that these bags usually have a layer of thin plastic to give them support that you will want to remove otherwise it is be extremely difficult to breath with the mask on. After cutting out the insert (I cut them just a bit smaller than the mouth section of the pattern I followed), carefully pull the plastic layer out and run a line of stitching along the edge to hold the other layers together prior to inserting into the mask.


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