Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Keeping my craft supplies organized is important to my creativity. And, when I can’t find something to help me store supplies, it can be rather frustrating. While this necessity is not major (in the grand scheme of life) it has lead me to put my 3D printer to use and create some custom storage options for myself. Rotary Cutter Storage Box. Originally these cutters were hung on the side of my desk with Command hooks, but would often fall off. I designed a box that holds all of my cutters and fits on the keyboard drawer of my sewing desk. … Continue reading Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Custom Thread Racks 2

My favorite thread company is Superior Threads.  They carry a wide variety of thread contents, colors and spool sizes.  Occasionally they have a sale and that’s when I like to purchase for my “collection”. Recently they had a sale on their “Try Me Specials”.  These are thread options that you select the thread content, but have no selection of the color.  Because the price was so good, I decided to purchase some spools of thread that I had been wanting to try.  I also purchased several spools of Masterpiece thread. This is my favorite thread to use for piecing and … Continue reading Custom Thread Racks 2

Custom Footrest For My Craft Room

Lately, I have been doing a lot of hand stitching – applique, embroidery and quilt binding.  When hand stitching, I like to have a place to rest my your feet higher than the floor in order to make myself more comfortable. Unfortunately this was something that I did not have in my new craft room. Wanting to add one, I starting looking around the room to see where I could store the footrest when it was not being used.  The size of a place to stash the footrest would be the limiting factor for the size of the footrest itself.  … Continue reading Custom Footrest For My Craft Room