I love butterflies. They are colorful, graceful, almost ethereal. Because I like them, I have used them in my craft projects, such as: Quilting: Fabric Dyeing: and Fused Glass:   Recently, an email from a yarn store featured several new patterns. The Butterfly/Papillon shawl pattern by Marin Melchoir caught my eye. Later that same week, while shopping a a local yarn store (Three Kittens, Mendota Heights, MN), the owner was wearing the shawl.  Written for fingering weight yarn, this was the weight of yarn she had used for her shawl.  I really liked the pattern, so I purchased it.  However, … Continue reading Papillon/Butterfly

Black / Red Hat & Scarf Set

While organizing my craft room, I recently came across some left over yarn from one of the scarves I posted about last year.  Many of the scarves I have made were done to use up yarn that has been in my craft room for years.  Since I really don’t need any more scarves, this past year I have been putting together matching winter wear sets to donate. Having found a small bit of the black boa yarn, I looked on-line to see if I could find the red that I had used when making the scarf last February.  I was … Continue reading Black / Red Hat & Scarf Set

Swirl Scarf and Flowered Shells Hat

Several years ago, my mother made a lovely swirl scarf for me.  The scarf was one that she made without using a written pattern.  At the time, I asked her to describe the pattern.  It’s  fairly simple, just remember to relax to keep your yarn tension very loose. Knit Swirl Scarf Materials: Color A: Tan Worsted Weight Yarn, 100 yards Color B: Variegated Worsted Weight Yarn, 50 yards Color C: Fur style Yarn, 50 yards US Size 9 circular knitting needle US Size H crochet hook Pattern: Using color A, cast on 100 stitches. Row 1: Knit across, keeping tension … Continue reading Swirl Scarf and Flowered Shells Hat