Aeroplane Mode

A couple years ago, I was asked to proof read and test out a quilting pattern for another designer. The pattern was a fun, playful design – paper airplanes – great for a child. The pattern is available from Blueseum Quilting out of Australia. When testing out the pattern, I used the colors as described in her design, a bright palette of primary and secondary colors. My test quilt was one of the quilts that I have donated to Sleep in Heavenly Peace. So, hopefully there is a young child enjoying his/her quilt. After making the test quilt, I really … Continue reading Aeroplane Mode

Panel Quilts

A little over a year ago, while traveling through North and South Carolina, I visited a couple quilt shops. While there, I purchased some sale fabrics. Granted, I really didn’t need any new fabric, but it was hard to pass up a good deal. These fabrics were panels, one with cats and the other with mandalas. Recently, I finally had time to use these in a couple quilts. Mandala Quilt The fabric panels were cut apart, and combined with coordinating fabrics of orange, teal, yellow and black. Cat-i-tude Panel Cats Quilt This quilt was really fun to make. The original … Continue reading Panel Quilts

Tangram Quilts

A tangram is a Chinese puzzle that consists of seven polygons, which are put together to form shapes. Found in puzzle books, the objective is to replicate a pattern, given only an outline, using the seven pieces without overlap. There are countless possibilities of combinations. Tangrams are believed to have originated from China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and were not introduced to the Western world until the 19th century when they were brought to Europe by trading ships. They are used when teaching spatial visualization/spatial reasoning. And, they are a great way to exercise your brain. Earlier this year, … Continue reading Tangram Quilts