Thanksgiving Family Joy

(and a little sorrow). We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our house. It had been nearly two years since everyone was home together. So, this year was extra special because all four boys were able to visit for a few days. Coming from Madison, Brooklyn(NY), Denver and Robbinsdale, they all arrived in time to join us for dinner. After a wonderful dinner, we spent some time playing games and catching up on life. Throughout the weekend, the boys were able to visit friends, do some shopping and some cookie baking. Tim even updated our household WiFi. There were also lots … Continue reading Thanksgiving Family Joy

My Cat loves my new Jelly Roll Rug

I love fabric, and so does my cat.  She will crawl under, lie on top of, and occupy any surface that has fabric on it. Whether it’s a pile of quilts… A quilt on my sewing room sofa… My footstool… A drawer of fabric that I am trying to find something in…  A quilt on my sewing frame… Or just a basket of scraps. She pretty much spends her entire day in my sewing room, sleeping on one soft surface or another. This weekend was no exception. She was my constant companion (for good and bad). Having ended a long week … Continue reading My Cat loves my new Jelly Roll Rug