Who plants a seed beneath the sod, and waits to see, believes in God.

I love this time of year! Well, not the severe storms that blew through last night. But, I do enjoy:  The warmer days. No snow and no need for boots, sweaters, hats, mittens, etc. Spending time outside without freezing or being overly hot. Yes, even the numerous hours spent cleaning up leaves and debris in preparation for spring planting is relaxing. The sound of birds singing. I marvel at God’s wonderful creation. I even enjoy watching the rabbits and deer wander through the yard (well at least until they start eating my flowers). Watching the spring flowers pop into color. … Continue reading Who plants a seed beneath the sod, and waits to see, believes in God.

Building Raised Beds for Gardening

Fall is a lovely time of the year in Minnesota. This year is no exception – we have had some delightful weather so far. Unfortunately, fall also marks the end of the garden growing season. Over the lasts couple months, I have enjoyed eating fresh home grown tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, beans, spinach, arugula and various herbs. Before the rain fell today, I cleaned out most of the vegetables I had been growing. In years past, I had tried growing my vegetables in my yard but with no success. The deer, turkeys, rabbits and squirrels really enjoyed eating at the … Continue reading Building Raised Beds for Gardening

Copper Garden Art

Owning a house in the suburbs, we have a few utility boxes visible in the corners of our front yard. In one corner of our property, adjacent to the driveway, is the large electrical utility box. This box is mostly on our neighbor’s property, so I have not done anything to block the view of it. However, in the other corner of our yard are the cable and telephone utility boxes. Since these are mostly on our property, a few years ago, I made some decorative screens to help them visually blend with the landscaping. Around the telephone box, I … Continue reading Copper Garden Art