Apple Table Runner (& Checkerboard)

With fall weather settling, a week ago, I decided to make a new table runner for my kitchen. This runner was made with apples to depict the bounty of the fall harvest. The runner turned out really nice. After it was done, I realized that the center section could be used as a checkerboard. All I needed was some checkers. Originally I thought about purchasing some apple shaped wooden pieces that could be painted. However, when I looked at the options available at the local craft stores, I thought I would need to do some carving of a crown on … Continue reading Apple Table Runner (& Checkerboard)

Child and Doll Visors.

One of the joys of working with children is when they express their joy in seeing you.  That has been especially true this summer.  For many children, a visit to the dentist has been the first trip away from home and family this summer.  For that reason, some are really excited when they come to our office. I recently saw one of my favorite patients.  While only eight years old, she has already expressed interest in being a dentist when she grows up.  She is always excited when she comes to the office. That was no exception this summer.  Even … Continue reading Child and Doll Visors.

Over Thinking

I am an over thinker.  Anyone that know me will agree with this statement.  I try not to worry, for I know God is in control.  But I also try to think through things I am involved in to make sure everything goes smoothly. When planning out a quilting project, a glass project, or a home improvement project, I spend lots of time thinking through each step.  The supplies needed, the best place to purchase those supplies, and the order to do the  project to optimize the outcome and my time spent. If there are pitfalls that might come up, … Continue reading Over Thinking