Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Keeping my craft supplies organized is important to my creativity. And, when I can’t find something to help me store supplies, it can be rather frustrating. While this necessity is not major (in the grand scheme of life) it has lead me to put my 3D printer to use and create some custom storage options for myself. Rotary Cutter Storage Box. Originally these cutters were hung on the side of my desk with Command hooks, but would often fall off. I designed a box that holds all of my cutters and fits on the keyboard drawer of my sewing desk. … Continue reading Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Door Toppers

As many of my friends know, and has been alluded to in earlier posts, I have a very friendly black cat named Onyx who spends most of her time sleeping in my craft room. A few months ago, while looking on Thingiverse (a website for 3D printed projects), I saw a garden stake that, when pressed into the ground, showed a black cat peeking up. At the time, I thought that it would be a fun for over the door frame in my craft room. So, I downloaded the stl file, adjusted it to work for my idea and printed … Continue reading Door Toppers