Scrap Quilts 2023

Most of my quilting friends know that I make quilts to give away to various charities. So, each year, I have friends that give me quilting fabric that they are not planning to use. Most of these are fabrics amount to less than a quarter yard, but occasionally there are larger pieces of fabric.

These fabrics are great for making scrap quilts. And, scrap quilts are a fun way to try new block ideas. So far this year, I have made nine scrap quilts. Each of these quilts will go to benefit young children, through an organization called Sleep in Heavenly Peace and to various people that I meet.

Weave – this quilt was made with thirty seven 3″ strips of fabric cut and sewn to appear like woven fabric on a black background.

Modified Eight Point Star Block – there may be another name for this block, but I unsure.

Double Square Star – each block was made of four coordinated fabric colors sewn with a 4″ square and a 2″ half square triangle on a white background.

Spinning Friendship Star Block – I really like this quilt! Each block was make with a 4″ square and eight 2″ HSTs radiating around the center square.

Bright Hopes Block – each block was made with four 2″ x 4″ rectangles. Another great way to use a lot of small scraps.

Chinese Lanterns – each quarter of the lanterns used 12″ x 2″ of fabric.

Zig Zag – this quilt was made with 2″ squares and 4″ half square triangles. It was a great way to use up small scraps!

Crosses Block – for this quilt, I had larger pieces of fabric – two yards of print blue fabric, 2 yards of a matching yellow, and a yard and a half of orange fabric. To complete the quilt, I found a matching blue fabric.

Links – this quilt used forty 3″ strips of fabric cut and sewn in a pattern of interlocking links on a white background.

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