How Can You Not See God

Wow what a glorious day!!

It was 88 degrees today (after 80 yesterday), and I spent most of the day working in my yard and cul de sac. Just twelve days ago, we had a blizzard in MN, but now spring seems to have arrived. While working in my yard, I was listening to some music. My current favorite song:

How Can You Not - Leanna Crawford

I see his goodness
When I fall down
And his grace that picks me up
Every day I can’t stop singing
How can you not see God
In every little thing
In every little moment
How can you not feel loved
How can you not
How can you not

I see the sun rise in the morning And a million stars at night I hear the birds, they can’t stop singing HallelujahCause He’s in the middle of Every little thing And every little moment How can you not see God How can you not How can you not[Verse 2] I see the sunset and I wonder If He paints it just for me Nobody else could make a world so beautiful How could I question his love when It’s everywhere I go Wherever I look I find another miracle[Chorus] How can you not see God In every little thing In every little moment How can you not feel loved How can you not How can you not

I first heard this song on a road trip to Arizona. Needing to move my mother (for the third time in seven months), I had two long days of driving down and two long days of driving back. While I normally listen to audiobooks when driving long distances, each day I did take a break from the books near the end of my driving and listen to songs on the radio. This song played at sunset on two of my days of driving, once on the way down and again on my return trip. The beauty of the sunset emphasized the awesomeness of God’s creation.

My mother is settled and happy in her new apartment. I am pleased that many of the deficits she suffered when she had a stroke last summer have been healed and she can live independently once again.

After returning to Minnesota, I had a day to do laundry and repack for a vacation on Singer Island in Florida. Sunshine and 80 degrees was really nice!

On April 1st, while my son was back in MN shoveling out from another snow storm, I went for a walk on the beach.

I again heard Leanna Crawford’s song on the radio. While enjoying the beauty of the waves and sunshine, I was again reminded of God’s marvelous creation.

Each day, I marvel at God’s creation. From the pair of owls that perched on our deck, to the flowers popping up in my front yard, to the sunrise when I wake up early in the morning – everything around us reminds us of God!!

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