Easter Celebration

At Easter, we have a lot to celebrate. When my boys were younger, they would search for Easter eggs and their baskets, usually in the house, but occasionally the weather was nice enough to be outside. This tradition was a lot of fun. But, even more special was attending Easter services at our church. While they may not have always sat quietly when they were young, I still had tremendous joy in being there together to celebrate.

You may think that it is strange for me to enjoy celebrating that a man died. To understand this joy, you first need to understand why Jesus had to die. He died for our sins and the sin of this world. In the world there is a lot of suffering, brokenness and pain caused by our sin. God sent Jesus to the world because he loves us and wants to save us from our sins.  This is God’s gift of grace to you this Easter. 

As we approach Easter Sunday, I hope that you too will celebrate Him with praise, love and thanksgiving for what he has done on the cross for us.

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