Hug This Baby Blankets

A couple years ago, one of my son’s friends gave me a DMC Hug This Kitten Kit. The kit included a fluffy plush grey cat toy hugging a skein of size 2 fine weight yarn in variegated blue, pink and white. The size of the skein was just right for making a baby blanket which when finished could be rolled up and tucked into the arms of the kitten.

Most of the patterns associated with the kit were knitting patterns. Preferring crochet, I checked the website for other patterns associated with the kit. There was one crochet pattern that was based upon the Cross Stitch crochet stitch.

There were five other kits in the Hug This group. In addition to the kitten, these kits included a monkey, a dog, a rabbit, a lamb and a teddy bear.

About a year ago, I received an email about the kits being discontinued and each kit was available for $5 each, with free shipping for orders over $25. Since I thought they were so cute, and the price was right, I decided to purchase the five animals that I did not have and have since made additional baby blankets.

Monkey- Open Waffle Stitch

Dog – Half Double V Stitch

Kitten – Cross Stitch

Bunny – Alpine Stitch

Lamb – Double Crochet Shell

Teddy Bear – Treble Crochet Shell

These baby blankets were really fun to make.

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