Quick Quilts, Scrap quilts and a State Fair Ribbon.

Knowing that I love to quilt, various friends and family have gifted me with fabric for me to use. Usually this happens when they are moving to a new home, or downsizing in anticipation of a move. When I receive larger pieces of fabric, I wash each piece and add them to my fabric stash.

This summer, after moving my mother into assisted living, I returned with even more fabric. Running out of space to store my fabric, it was time to use up some of the fabric. Having seen some really simple quilt ideas, I decided to make some quick quilts. These will all be donated. And, by doing large quilt blocks, I could use up fabric rather quickly.

Using the Tri-Recs tool, I made a pair of matching quilts with large 6″ blocks and two different color schemes. These quilts used about a half yard of each color in the gradients.

The next two quilts were made with some larger pieces of fabric that I had been given. The pink quilt started with a floral fabric that was pink, purple and yellow. I had a large piece of yellow fabric, but no large pieces of pink or purple in my fabric stash. I did, however, have a piece of pink fabric that I had originally dyed to use as backing for a baby quilt. Since this matched the floral fabric, I decided to use that.

The teal and yellow floral in the second quilt was some that I have had in my stash for a while. While packing up my mom’s excess craft supplies to be donated, I noticed the teal polka dotted fabric and thought it would match nicely, so I added it to the box of things that I was taking home with me. It matched the floral fabric nicely.

I’ve had this avocado green fabric for several years. Being an unusual color of green with a rather large print, I really was unsure how to use it. And, I had several yards of it. I chose a simple tumbling blocks pattern with a beige contrast fabric.

A split four patch design used up large pieces of three other fabrics that were in my stash.

My mother had a lot of scrap Christmas fabrics, which she would no longer be able to use, that I also took home with me. From these a made a Christmas Cats sofa quilt. I really like how this one turned out and may make a twin sized cats quilt out of some more of my larger scraps.

After completing these, and other quilts that I made this year, my scraps baskets and buckets were again over flowing. On my fabric shelves, I only store fabric that is larger than a quarter yard. Mid-sized pieces of fabric, larger than 6″ x 6″ but smaller than a quarter yard, are placed in either a plastic bucket. And, smaller pieces are placed in some decorative Longaberger baskets. Because these were over flowing, I sorted out the fabrics and made a few scrap quilts.

I started out making the black quilt. When cutting the colored fabric, I mistakenly cut too many pieces of each fabric. So, I realized that I would need to make a second quilt. For the second quilt, I decided to change it a bit. I used white as the background color, changed the order of the colors to highlight the zigzag effect of the pattern, and added another column to remove the need for a large border.

The white quilt came together nicely, so I entered it in the MN State Fair scrap quilt category, where it received a blue ribbon. I was surprised to see it prominently displayed at the fair. This quilt was donated to the MN Dental Foundation. At the One Smile Gala on Friday, the quilt was successfully bid on by a couple people and raised funds to support the dental outreach programs in the state. I hope the person who purchased the quilt enjoys owning it!

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  1. I was wondering if you entered any quilts at the fair. I didn’t get a chance to go, but I knew with your talent, that you would win.

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