Glass Landscape

Landscapes are something that I enjoy – the beauty and incredible details of God’s creation! While I have made a few quilted landscapes, I had not yet tried to make a landscape out of fused glass.

A few months ago, I was cleaning and rearranging the supplies in the room where I do my fused glass work. When I moved a large organizer box, I discovered a picture taped to the wall that had been there for a really long time. This picture was drawn by one of my sons when he was about eight years old and was my inspiration for an attempt at a fused glass landscape.

For the background glass, I used some Heads & Tails glass, a type of glass that I recently discovered at a local glass supply store. H&T glass is the rough uneven sides of the sheets of glass cut off during the manufacture into sheets.

For some of the details, I used opaque frit powder and fine glass. This glass was shaped into clouds, grass, trees, etc and then tack fused.

These glass elements were then combined to replicate the inspiration drawing. Glass frit and stringer were used to create the trees and the entire piece was full fused.

I was pleased with the result.

After trimming the edges, additional frit was added to create detail for the trees, rocks and flowers.

I especially like how the landscape looks back-lite.

For my first attempt at a glass landscape, I am pleased with the result. I learned a lot while doing this and may try to replicate some pictures taken during vacations.

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