Happy Independence Day!

Shared from a friend:

This weekend of the July 4th Independence Day celebration is important to us in the US for expressing our thanks for Independence, the foundation of our country, and its principles and beliefs.
I have thought about this freedom in relation to our personal independence, and what is controlling us, influencing us, and holding us back. There are things that are preventing us from having personal freedom. Our self-limiting beliefs. The negative talk in our own heads. The negative talk from others. All the things hold us back from achieving success and taking action and having a happier life. All these things contain a presupposition that we are unable to achieve certain things and that nothing will change in the future. So we create a self-fulfilling prophesy that we carry on our negatively directed path.
Some beliefs are subconscious and irrational whereas others are purely a lack of information.
I challenge each of my friends to believe in their abilities to achieve almost anything that they desire.
To throw away the self-limiting beliefs that you can’t achieve what you want. Let’s make the next six months of the year the best ever.
Arnie Weiss

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