More 3D printed Crafting Tools

Two months ago, I posted about using my 3D printer to make some tools for my crafts. Today, I am describing some additional prints I have made.

Weaving tools for my Rigid Heddle Loom

While recently visiting my mom, we were discussing some craft ideas that she can do even with her decreased dexterity and increased arthritis pain. One ideas was weaving. So, I looked up the current information about the loom that I purchased a few years ago, an Ashford Knitter’s Loom and stand. The design of the stand has changed slightly since I purchased mine. The stand now has support braces to make the frame more stable. These braces would keep the loom stable when attached to the stand. This is something that I wish my stand had because the loom did tip after a few minutes of use due to the connection screws loosening. I decided I really wanted some braces and looked them up on-line. After discovering that they cost $37 (for two pieces of wood), I decided to try to make my own. Using TinkerCad, I designed the brace, printed, and made some minor adjustments. I now have a much more stable stand for my loom.

I have been making several clasped weft scarves recently. When doing this technique, one or two spools of yarn are kept on the floor to wrap around the weft yarn when weaving. I became frustrated because the spool would constantly tip over and roll away from where I was weaving. To solve this problem, I tried numerous ideas. l finally settled on printing a platform that slips over the legs of the stand. The spool is held in place by a wooden dowel attached to the platform.

I also adjusted the adjusted the hanging shuttle basket idea, making it smaller and easier to grab the shuttle when working and to store my beater.

I have three new weaving tools – stand brace, spool holder and shuttle basket.

Platform for Dremel Drill Press

I recently started working on some glass windchimes which require me to drill numerous holes in glass. To drill the holes, I connected my Dremel drill to a rotary tool workstation, effectively making it into a drill press. To keep the glass cool, the drilling is done while the glass is in water. At first, I was using a wooden block to stabilize the glass. This proved frustrating because the drill bit would occasionally get stuck in the wood. To solve this problem, printed a couple gridded platforms to hold the glass on. These work really well!

Stickman Holders for Cast Glass Hearts

I have been looking for a way to display hearts that I have made using the molds I purchased from Target. Unfortunately the only displays that I could find were not very interesting. I did see some nice wrought iron stands, but they were too small for my castings. So, I designed a 3D printed stickman that looks somewhat like the smaller wrought iron ones that I liked.

These are printed in two pieces that snap together into a nice stand which the hearts fit perfectly into.

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