Aeroplane Mode

A couple years ago, I was asked to proof read and test out a quilting pattern for another designer. The pattern was a fun, playful design – paper airplanes – great for a child.

The pattern is available from Blueseum Quilting out of Australia.

When testing out the pattern, I used the colors as described in her design, a bright palette of primary and secondary colors.

My test quilt was one of the quilts that I have donated to Sleep in Heavenly Peace. So, hopefully there is a young child enjoying his/her quilt.

After making the test quilt, I really wanted to make one with sky colors. For the center section, I snow dyed white cotton fabric with dyes in various shades of blue.

For the quilting, I used PatternCAD to create a couple paper airplanes with jet streams surrounding these planes.

For the side color, I sorted through my fabric stash and selected four blue and four green fabrics for the design. This quilt was really fun to make, and was sold prior to Christmas to someone whose business logo includes paper airplanes.

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