Fused Glass Set

I am a bit behind in posting about some of my craft projects. So, over the next couple weeks I hope to get caught up. Today, I am sharing a project I made for a colleague of mine.

Last spring/early summer I had a couple synovial cysts in my spine that were impinging on the neural ganglion causing extreme pain and the loss of sensation in my right foot. Luckily I was able to have surgery mid-June to remove the cysts (and the bone spurs that caused them) and I no longer have back pain (yeah!).

However, prior to surgery, I was unable to do much without extreme pain. Occasionally, I would have a day with only moderate pain. On those days, I would try to get my spring yard cleanup done and some planting completed. Unfortunately, on one of those days my right foot went numb for the first time and I fell onto a metal planter I was carrying. I hit the planter hard with my chin. At the time, my chin hurt and I knew that I had jarred my teeth together. But, I did not realize that I had actually cracked one of my molars. Two weeks later, I was experiencing soreness when eating and mobility of one of my molars. After taking an X-ray at my old office, I was able to get an appointment with an endodontist a few days later to have a root canal completed. It was nice to be able eat again without my tooth hurting.

To thank my colleague, a week later I brought in a large batch of homemade scones (for the staff) and a handmade fused glass plate and coaster set (for him).

When deciding what to make, I thought about what his interests were. This friend enjoys active sports, especially triathlons. Based upon this, I selected images that fit his interests (swim, bike and run). However, three coasters seemed like an unusual number to make. So, on the fourth coaster I included a tooth design to designate his career.

To make the plate and coasters, I cut squares of white glass for the bottom layer and strips of white, brown and brown streaky glass for the top layer. Using Photo Transfer Paper (Delphi Glass), I printed the images that I had selected. With this paper, I was able to create custom water-slide decals. The glass was full fused and the plate was slumped into a shallow rectangular plate mold.

Please note, if you are a glass artist and want to use this Photo Transfer Paper, you do need a laser printer that uses iron oxide toner. A few years ago, when I first wanted to use the transfer paper, I was unable to find a new one on-line that was not too expensive. Fortunately, I found one on Craig’s List near me for only $50. At the time, I was worried that the printer supplies would be hard to find after a couple years, so I also purchased a replacement toner cartridge.

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