Repurposed Glass Bottles

This posting is a bit late, since these were gifts given to my brother for Christmas. But, better late than never. The inspiration for these gifts were my brother’s strong liking for beer. This is one thing I do not have in common with him, I actually hate the taste of beer. So, to obtain the bottles that I needed for these projects, I had to rely on my sons and some of my friends for the empty bottles. Glass Art: After taking a class at a local glass supply store, I tried my hand at making glass art from … Continue reading Repurposed Glass Bottles

Graves Into Gardens

At first glance, Good Friday seems like a strange name to refer to a day that designates pain and death. If Jesus suffered and died on this day, why is it called Good Friday? The sins of the whole world were poured out on Christ when he hung on the cross. If you had spoken with his friends and family on the day he died, they would not have said it was a good day. All hope seemed lost, evil and death seemed to have triumphed. So, when only looking at a single day, it really was a horrible Friday. … Continue reading Graves Into Gardens