Everything is Possible


Our church has been given the challenge of making 100,000 masks for local hospitals.  

This seems like a daunting task, but with organization everything is possible. The coordinator at our church has set up teams – someone to wash and iron the fabric, someone to cut  the fabric, someone to sew the masks and someone to transport items from each team member and back to church.  This seems like a major challenge, but I have decided to jump in and help. But, I have so much excess fabric (thanks to my mom and my sister) that I am working as my own team.  This should be a good way to use up some of the colors that I would ordinarily not use in a quilt.  The pattern is a basic pattern that is much simpler than the one I had used to make masks before.  So, it should be faster sewing.  

So now that I am done with some yard work, I will spend a couple hours making masks.  

Some good music to listen to will make the time go by quickly.

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