Cancelled, Not!


Reflecting back on this past Easter weekend, I am struck by how different our celebration was, but also how much better our celebration and how normal our celebration was.

The difference was that we were at home.  There was  no need to get dressed up, no rush to get dinner ready after church, and no extended family gathering.

With so the church services on-line, we were able to have a better celebration by participating in several different Easter celebrations. Normally, I would not have even thought to check out other church services.  But, this year, my extended family shared links to their church services.

These links gave me a sense of normalcy.  We are still able to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.  While many things have been cancelled, kindness around us is not cancelled. God’s love and our love for family and friends is not cancelled. Hope is not cancelled.  And faith is not cancelled.

Indeed, he is “Still Rolling Stones”.

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