Chocolate almost always makes life better!


Last weekend, my grocery delivery included a container of cocoa by mistake.  Since I already had plenty of cocoa in the cupboard, I decided to use the cocoa in several new recipes rather than just trying to find room for it in with my other baking supplies.  My favorite source for baking recipes is King Arthur Flour.  So, that is where I went for some inspiration.

The first recipe I tried was Cakey Brownies.  While tasty, I decided that I really prefer fudge brownies.  

The second recipe I tried was Almond Flour Brownies.  Being gluten-free, I wanted to see how these tasted.  I have to admit that I could not tell that they were any different from Fudge Brownie recipe that I have used numerous times in the past. 

The third recipe I tried was Chocolate Graham Crackers.  These were amazing!  I will certainly be making these again.  This recipe would be great for making homemade Oreo-type cookies or ice cream sandwiches.  

I also made some homemade Hot Chocolate Mix. While tasting okay, I really do prefer the different flavors of premade mix that I have left over from the holidays.  

Lastly, I made some Chocolate Waffles.  These were especially tasty with homemade strawberry jelly.  

Since I am trying to eat healthy, it’s a good thing I have two boys home to help eat these treats! img_2484

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