Living in Limbo


If someone had asked me a month ago what I would do if I had an unexpected three weeks off of work, I would have said that I have so many projects to work on and would certainly be able to complete a lot of them in three weeks. 

Well, today marks three weeks off of work.  And, I really don’t feel like I have accomplished much in that time.  I just seem to get distracted very easily.

Yesterday was an exceptionally difficult day.  I had a hard time settling into doing anything. I kept going from room to room trying to find something that would catch my attention and help my mind settle.

Watching the news is really getting depressing and so I kept the television off except during the evening local news broadcast. 

Working on stuff for my office has been using up most of my time the past couple of days so I tried to take a break from looking up ideas on-line. But, then my mind would come back to office things and I would not be able to focus on doing crafts or even cleaning.

I couldn’t settle in to working on my current quilting project or a glass project. I would go into my sewing room, but then get distracted.  I would go into my glass studio, but not having any interest in starting a project.  

Talking with my husband, he commented “If this is what retirement is like, I want nothing to do with it.”  Well, I really don’t think how life is at this time is how retirement will be.  We are currently living in limbo, not going anywhere.  

The first verse and chorus of Lauren Daigle’s song “This Girl” really resonates with how I feel.

I’ve been a winding road, oh, I know You know
Sometimes a stranger in my home
Keep going back and forth through the open door
I’m still learning to be still

This girl ain’t going anywhere
This girl ain’t going anywhere-ere-ere
I can promise You this, now I know for sure
This girl ain’t going anywhere

Hopefully today will be a better day!

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