Less Stress, More Gratitude

Over the past week, I have been trying hard to keep my stress controlled and to eat healthy,  get exercise and fresh air each day and to spend time on some of my hobbies. Sunday, however, my day started out with way, way too much stress.  Unfortunately, this stress led to my eating four frozen brownies for breakfast – not a good idea!  Fortunately, the stress cleared a few hours later. 

To make me feel less guilty about my overindulgence, I spent a couple hours scrubbing the tile in all of my bathrooms.  My bathrooms are now cleaner than they have been in years. I had planned to do some sewing yesterday.  But, those plans changed.  Now that I see how clean my bathrooms are, I am happy I completed that task instead.

Looking back over these past rather tumultuous days, I kept thinking about what the week would have been like if it had occurred as planned.  But, yesterday, I decided I needed to let go of what I lost. I need to focus on what I have and not on the things I had been wishing for.  Yes, a vacation in Palm Springs with a day to surprise my mother would have been nice.  But, the fact that I still have my mother living is something I am grateful for.  Yes, my wish for some relaxation time with my husband and a couple of our sons would have been nice.  But, I now have an extended period of time with my younger two sons and husband at home for us to do things together.  Yes, my wish for a smooth running and prosperous business was nice.  But, the fact that I have had a successful career that has allowed me to help lots of children have better oral health is another thing that I a grateful for.  And there are many, many more things I am grateful for.  

Sometimes, events don’t turn out the way we wish. Sometimes, we wish for more and wonder why we can’t get to where we want to go. It’s times like these we must realize that God has bigger and better plans for us. We must trust in Him to guide us and lead us to the right path. Lauren Daigle’s Song “Trust in You” has been going through my mind over the past couple days.  I hope you enjoy it. 


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