Note To Self – Don’t Try So Hard


This past week, I was supposed to be on a vacation not doing anything dental related – just relaxing, going for hikes and knitting.  While I have not been in the office doing recare exams and filling decayed teeth, I probably spent twice as many hours as my normal work week “working” on office stuff.  Hours were spent on-line looking up information, renewing my knowledge of virology from my grad school days, writing policies/protocols and a whole host of other things. 

While there are still many things that need to be figured out, yesterday I decided to take a major break from office crisis management and went for a seven mile walk. 

There were lots of other people out for walks as well.  It was nice to see everyone maintaining their social distance but still being friendly.  Nearly every person I went by waved at me or said “Hi”, even though I had no idea who they were.  There was a group of kids playing kickball, with gloves on and their parents reminding them not to touch the ball.  At the park, a group of teens were shooting hoops, each with their own ball and gloves on (they even had different colored balls to know which was their own ball).  

The kids down the street had created some chalk art on their driveway.  But this wasn’t normal children’s drawings, these were messages to the rest of us.


Nice job, Kids!!

The song “Don’t Try So Hard” by Amy Grant is certainly appropriate for how I felt after my really long walk (although I’m kinda wondering how my muscles will feel tomorrow).

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