A New Norm

Vacation in Palm Springs, that is where I am supposed to be this week. That is obviously not where I am.

We decided last Thursday to cancel our trip. So, I am at home.

I originally thought I would be able to spend the week pretending I was already retired. Well, that hasn’t happened either. With the rapidity of change in our lives, I spent the last couple days on-line looking up information to help keep my office safe. Over the weekend, my partners and I made many decisions, including limiting treatment to emergency patients only.

So, I can now settle in to my week off. And, it looks like I will have more time off over the next few weeks.

Since I am, by nature, a planner, I have decided to make a schedule for myself. First thing each morning I am planning to get my 10,000 steps in either by going on a walk or using my stair stepper. After my walk, I will do a bit of house cleaning and organizing. After that, my crafts will be my therapy for dealing with the stress of these times.

I realized that these changing times can make all of us feel stressed and anxious. So, after my walk each day I will post an inspirational quote and a short message about my plans for my day.

I encourage my readers to add a comment about how you are spending your day or something uplifting and encouraging. Your comments may help others cope with the new norm we are all settling in to.


One thought on “A New Norm

  1. You are so wonderful Dr Pam!!
    This is a wonderful idea.
    I’d love to join in on this!!! U are so creative!!!
    ( and you have a wonderful name) Haha
    Pam Nymo
    Stay healthy!!!
    We canceled our mission trip to Mexico, and another vacation to California. And possibly florida in April. It’s a bummer!!! 🌞😊

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