Storms, Sunshine and Smiles

I recently returned from a trip to Tampa, Florida.  This trip was the annual retreat for a dental study club I belong to.

For the second year in a row that my travels to Tampa were impacted by the weather.

Last year a snow storm caused a six hour delay in leaving Minnesota.  To make the most of my time, I walked around the airport.  Fun fact – if you walk to every gate of each concourse of Terminal One at MSP airport, it’s 11,266 steps and 4.6 miles.

This year, the weather in Minnesota was not a problem.  Unfortunately the weather in Florida was not so nice.  Due to strong storms and a tornado, our flight was diverted from Tampa to Melbourne, Florida (on the Atlantic side of the state) landing after 11pm.  The airport was closed, the crew was over their allowed flying time, and there was no other crew available.  After several hours, the airline eventually announced that we would be bused to Tampa but they were unable to tell us when that would happen.  So, at 1 am, with no rental cars available, we took a Lyft ride across the state.  Three and a half hours later, we finally arrived in Clearwater Beach!

Once there, we had a delightful weekend discussing all things dental, enjoying good food and walks on the beach.

On Saturday, we took a glass blowing class.  Great fun!


George, the owner of Glass Crafters, taught us how to blow bulbs.  Using propane torches, glass frits and stringer and some “hot air”, we each had an opportunity to blow ten items. These could then be used as watering bulbs, ornaments, or just decorations. Some of our group had more hot air than I did.  Exploding bulbs make for some beautiful art!

Being very fragile, I was glad my bulbs survived the flight back to Minnesota intact.

To show them off, I cut the stems off, added bulb hangers, fused some white glass to make a mobile support, strung them with fishline and hung them in my sewing room.



We had a great weekend, made many memories and a few crafts!

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