Free Hugs

It’s wond’rous what a hug can do. A hug can cheer you when you’re blue. A hug can say, “I love you so” or, “Gee I hate to see you go.” A hug can soothe a small child’s pain and bring a rainbow after rain. The hug! There’s just no doubt about it, we can scarcely survive without it. A hug delights and warms and charms, it might be why God gave us arms. Hugs are great for Fathers and Mothers, sweet for Sisters, swell for Brothers. Chances are some favorite Aunts love them more than potted plants. Kittens crave … Continue reading Free Hugs

Homemade French Yogurt – Oui!

I love French yogurt – it is thick and creamy, but not as tangy as Greek yogurt.  Sold in their distinctive glass jars, the Oui yogurts are a bit more expensive than some of the other yogurt on the market. But they taste great and at least the glass is recyclable.    Eating a jar of yogurt each day, however, meant a lot of glass going in our recycling container. Thinking about the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” to limit our individual impact on the environment, I was as least doing the last step – recycling.  But after a few months, … Continue reading Homemade French Yogurt – Oui!

2020 is Finally Here

As a pediatric dentist, I have come across all kinds of patients and parents.  Most of the families I see are truly delightful to work with.  Some of my patients are so sweet and kind that they make me really happy that I had chosen this profession.  Still others provide a daily dose of humor that makes me laugh so hard that I have tears in my eyes. Most parents express their appreciation for the care we provide to their child in some very challenging circumstances. However, occasionally a parent can make my job very difficult – overindulgent parents expecting … Continue reading 2020 is Finally Here