Dyed Fabric Strip Quilt

One of my original posts on this blog was about fabric dyeing (Sept 22, 2015).   At that time, I mentioned that I had watched a Craftsy class about dyeing fabric.  Before jumping in and buying numerous colors of dye and supplies, I decided to try a sample kit. The purchased a gradation dyeing kit which was a smart decision.  This kit gave me the opportunity to try my hand at mixing dyes to get different colors, as well as working with low volumes and how to best handle the fabrics. The first color kit I purchased was “STONES & SHELLS”. … Continue reading Dyed Fabric Strip Quilt

World Emoji Day

We’ve all seen and used them. The ever present emoji, especially in social media communications. Well, today is a day to use them even more. It’s World Emoji Day! So, our office decided to have some fun. Each member of our team picked out an emoji. Then, using my Silhouette Cameo cutter, I digitized and cut out heat transfer vinyl to iron the emojis onto T-shirts. Here are a few close ups of the T-shirts: And a couple group pictures: Continue reading World Emoji Day

Fused Glass Turtle

Waste Not, Want Not – that is my approach to my crafts. I just hate to throw away fabric, yarn, glass, or anything that could potentially be used in another project.  That’s why I have baskets of small pieces of fabric scraps, drawers of larger pieces of fabric, other drawers of yarn, embroidery supplies and beads.  I even save small pieces of batting because I never know when I might need only a bit. In my glass room, I save all my glass scraps as well.  I even save my failed projects, things that crack or just don’t turn out … Continue reading Fused Glass Turtle