Last summer, my third son moved into a new apartment.  Prior to that, he had been renting a furnished room in a brownstone house in Brooklyn.  With this change, he needed to purchase some furniture, especially a bed. Since I really enjoy designing new quilts, I asked him what he would like for a custom quilt for his new bed.  When expressing his ideas, he said he wanted a quilt that was not traditional block based, but rather something that was more flowing and organic. I suggested that he try to find an image of what he was thinking and asked … Continue reading Moonscape

Sunshine in St. Kitts

Spring Break has been a great escape from the snow of Minnesota. Day One: MSP – MIA – SKB We left behind the snow in our front yard… Day Two: …and after settling into our villa, we awoke to sun, sand and beautiful landscape. Day Three: Tour of the Island Overlooking the Southeast Peninsula of St. Kitts Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Ocean, Frigate’s Bay and Basseterre. Basseterre’s sites and Wingfield Estate. Romney Manor and Caribelle Batiks   Brimstone Hill Fortress   Convent Bay Lots of Sheep Day Four: My Birthday – Time to relax in the sun Sunset Dinner in Frigate’s … Continue reading Sunshine in St. Kitts