The Minnesota Great Get-Together

The Minnesota State Fair is currently taking place.  If you are not from MN, you may not realize how big our state fair is.  While MN only ranks 12th in size and 21st in population, it ranks second in state fair attendance, with over 2 million people attending each year.  This is just behind Texas at 2.25 million visitors.  However, Texas is second in land mass, second in population, and their state fair runs for 24 days (twice the length of the MN fair).  Thus, I would say that the Minnesota State Fair outranks even Texas. The fair is so … Continue reading The Minnesota Great Get-Together

Watermelon Season

Each week, I enjoy checking out the local farmer’s markets.  The produce options this time of the year are amazing – carrots, cucumber, cauliflower (some are even purple), tomatoes, beans – and the list goes on and on.  This week, I started seeing watermelon for sale. Watermelon seems to be the unofficial symbol of late summer.  So, I decided to make some watermelon decorations for my kitchen – a fused glass sun catcher and matching display plate. The sun catcher used clear class as the base layer (with a couple “bites” taken), red transparent glass, green streaky transparent glass, Clover … Continue reading Watermelon Season

Happy 90th Birthday, Bruce.

Today would have been my father-in-law’s ninetieth birthday. In honor of his birthday, I am posting a poem I wrote six years ago.    Welcomed home by his Heavenly Father, Last night he breathed his last breath. My father-in-law, Bruce, Now lives eternal, after his death. He now walks with his Lord, And plays heavenly pianos. He may even joke with the angels. Who knows? In heaven, a cup of coffee, May seem a bit trivial; But his God will probably say, Why of course, it is possible. If asked in heaven to do One thing or another, He will probably … Continue reading Happy 90th Birthday, Bruce.