“Childhood Memories” – finished quilt

  When designing a quilt, I like to plan the quilting at the same time as the piecing.  This allows me to think about adding something unique to each quilt.  My recent project for the two sided tree quilt was no exception. The quilting of the tree, leaves and background would be fairly straightforward.  Wanting to add something special to the quilt, I thought about what I could add to the tree.  One idea was to place flowers or shrubs at the base of the tree.  Another was to add some animals. My final idea, and the one I actually … Continue reading “Childhood Memories” – finished quilt

Hand applique and embroidery

How do you applique a two sided quilt? You think, think, plan, think some more, plan again and then finally jump in and do it.  That kinda describes the process I went through when contemplating the idea of embroidering an identical tree on both sides of a quilt. Idea #1  adhere light weight fabric adhesive to the back of two pieces of fabric for the tree trunks draw the tree trunk onto the fabric and cut out two identical trees adhere the tree to one side of the quilt and baste in place adhere the tree on other side and then … Continue reading Hand applique and embroidery

Custom Footrest For My Craft Room

Lately, I have been doing a lot of hand stitching – applique, embroidery and quilt binding.  When hand stitching, I like to have a place to rest my your feet higher than the floor in order to make myself more comfortable. Unfortunately this was something that I did not have in my new craft room. Wanting to add one, I starting looking around the room to see where I could store the footrest when it was not being used.  The size of a place to stash the footrest would be the limiting factor for the size of the footrest itself.  … Continue reading Custom Footrest For My Craft Room