Two weeks in three trips = four scarves

Living in Minnesota, the thought of hopping a plane on the weekend to go someplace warm is very inviting.  This year, I planned two trips to get away to warmer weather.  These trips, one to Clearwater Beach, Florida and one the San Francisco, were on two consecutive weekends.  Then a few days after the planned second trip, I had to make an unexpected trip to Houston.  So, that meant that in fifteen days I had three trips, including seven flights (totaling almost 2,000 miles) and numerous hours in airplanes and airports. For me, this was a bit more travel than … Continue reading Two weeks in three trips = four scarves

“Throwing a girl fit”

Being a mom of four boys, I have flown with my children at various ages.  The youngest age was when my second son was only two weeks old and I needed to attend a meeting at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta.  But, other trips included a four week old to attend a national pediatric dental meeting, and various trips with the boys at ages younger than one year old. So, I understand the anxiety of a mom having to fly with a young child and the worry about the unpredictable behavior that that children may exhibit when … Continue reading “Throwing a girl fit”

Color Burst completed piecing.

After several more hours of sewing, the piecing if finally done. But the result is awesome! Some statistics: Number of blocks sewn: Red/Orange Blocks = 8 small, 4 large Yellow/Green Blocks = 16 small, 8 large Blue/Purple Blocks = 24 small, 12 large Cream Blocks = 24 small, 12 large Total = 72 small, 36 large Number of Piece in Large Starburst: Red = 36 Orange = 32 Yellow = 56 Green = 80 Blue = 144 Purple = 156 Cream = 156 Number of Piece in Small Starburst: Red = 40 Orange = 32 Yellow = 48 Green = … Continue reading Color Burst completed piecing.