Glass Stepping Stones

While I was working on the redo of my front yard, I kept thinking that stepping stones leading to the stairs would be nice.  I shad seen some lovely ideas on-line that were made with glass and concrete.  I really liked them, but when I realized how much the glass would cost (over $100 for the number of stepping stone I would need), I decided I would skip making them.

Then, one day my sister-in-law texted me to say she was at a garage sale and the lady had a box of glass scraps for $5.  After asking, I found out that it was stained glass.  Unfortunately I can’t use stained glass for my fused glass projects (I have tried before and the glass melts poorly and has a dull, burnt look afterwards ).  But, then I realized that this glass might work for the stepping stones.  Not knowing what colors were in the box, I responded back to go ahead and buy the scraps – after all it was only $5.  If I couldn’t use the scraps that wasn’t too much of a waste.  But, if I can use it, that is a great deal for the glass.

When she dropped off the glass at my home, I was amazed at how much glass was there. The box has many colors and held over $200 worth of glass.  So, I decided to try making one stepping stone to see if I liked how it turned out.

Circular mold with stones attached to contact paper

IMG_2390The first one I made was a circular stone.  After cutting the glass, I used contact paper to hold the glass pieces in place.  To hold the contact paper in the mold, I used spray adhesive. After mixing and carefully pouring the stepping stone concrete, I let the mold cure for two days. Unmolding was rather difficult, but once I did get the concrete out, I was really pleased with the result.

So, after numerous trips to Hobby Lobby to buy more concrete mix (using a 40% off coupon each time), I made a total of three large circular stones and seven square ones.


I still have a lot of  stained glass left over, so I may be trying some mosaic projects in the future.

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