Fused Glass Mushroom

I have accumulated a long list of ideas for glass projects that I want to try.  Having recently replaced the landscaping in my front yard, I decided to try one of these ideas and add some new “art” to my perennial garden. Fused glass mushrooms are one of the fun ideas that was on my list.  The ones that I have seen, the caps were created using pre-made patterned glass that is cut into a circle and then slumped into the shape of a mushroom.  For the stems, some were made with blown glass, others with PVC pipe.  But, the … Continue reading Fused Glass Mushroom

Pot Melts

I’ve been accumulating lots of bits and pieces of glass from my many fused glass projects. What to do with these scraps?  After looking at ideas on-line, I found several blogs that talked about a technique called pot melting and decided to try it. A Pot Melt involves placing scraps of glass in a clay pot with holes in the bottom.  A terra cota planting pot is the simplest form of a pot for melting glass inside the kiln. When the glass is heated to a high enough temperature, the glass will flows from openings in the bottom of a clay pot … Continue reading Pot Melts