Fused glass Art

There are many forms of glass art. Fused glass is one of them. The basic idea behind fused glass is that art objects are created by melting glass in a kiln.  Unlike stained glass, fused glass has no “lead lines”.  Unlike blown glass, the learning curve is relatively short and projects are easier to make. The precise origins of glass fusing techniques are not known, but there is archaeological evidence that the Egyptians were familiar with these techniques. While other glass techniques enjoyed a revival during the Renaissance, fusing was largely ignored during this period. Fusing began to regain popularity in the U.S. during … Continue reading Fused glass Art

What if?

My husband treated my younger son and I to Easter Brunch today.  While eating, our son asked his dad how is day was going.  His response “It’s the best day of the year!” That is the truth on this Easter Sunday.  It’s Resurrection Sunday and  Jesus is alive! We have hope in Jesus Christ and that hope makes this truly the best day of the year. The empty tomb of Jesus that gives us HOPE! HOPE of forgiveness HOPE of peace HOPE of assurance HOPE of Heaven Hope of eternal life.   But, for many, they have walked away from that … Continue reading What if?