Ocean Swells Crochet Scarf


Not wanting to be idle, I like to carry projects with me that I can work on when I have to wait.  My current project was completed rather quickly, in less than two weeks.  Having to wait four hours to see a patient for a consultation at Children’s Hospital contributed greatly to the rapidity of this project.

I recently came across a pattern that reminded me of the waves of the ocean.  When I looked up the name of the pattern, I found that the name, Ocean Swells, fit my thoughts very well.

I decided that I would make a scarf. So, I looked through my supply of yarn and found some that I thought would work well.


  • Row 1: ch 30, sc into second st from hook, sc in next 4 sts, *hdc,  dc, tc, dc, hdc. 9sc*,  rep pattern. End row with 5 sc.
  • Row 2: ch1, 3 sc, sk 2, dc, ch1, dc and ch1 for next four sts, sk 2, 5 sc, ch1, sk 2, *dc, ch1 *five times, sk2, finish row with 3 sc.
  • Row 3: sk 3 dc, work 2dc into first ch1 sp, repeat in next ch1 sp, work 3 dc in next ch1 sp, dc into top of next dc from previous row, 3dc into next ch1 sp, 2dc in the next two ch1 spaces, sk 2 sc and sc into next. Sk next 2 dc and repeat pattern, finishing off with a sc into last st.
  • Row 4: ch1, then sc across into each st.
  • Row 5: ch4 and dc into same st, hdc, sk 1 st, 9sc, sk 1st, hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sk1, 9sc,sk1, hdc, dc and end row with a tr.
  • Row 6: ch4, dc into next st, ch1, dc, ch1, sk 2 sts, 5sc, ch1, sk 2 sts, dc, ch1 5 times, sk2, 5sc, ch1, sk2, dc, ch1, dc, ch1 and dc into ch4 of previous row.
  • Row 7: ch3, 2dc in each of the three ch1 sp, sk 2sc, sc, sk 2sc, 2dc in next 2 ch1 sps, 3dc in third ch1 sp, 1dc in top of dc from previous row, 3dc in ch1 sp, 2dc in next 2 ch1 sps, sk 2sc, sc to anchor, sk 2 st, 2dc in next 3 ch1 sps, 1dc into top of turning ch from last row.
  • Row 8: ch1, sc across row.
  • Row 9: ch1, 4sc, sk 1 st, *hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sk 1 st, 9sc, sk 1, repeat * to end, sc last 4 sts.
  • Row 10: ch1, 2sc, sk 2 sts, *ch1, (1dc, ch1) 5 times, sk 2 sts, 5sc,ch1, sk 2, 5sc, repeat from * to end of roimg_0208w, ending with 2sc
  • Repeat rows 3-10 until project reaches desired length.


There is a YouTube tutorial available at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpNhPK1j4-g




Window on My World – quilting and hand embroidery. I’m done!


After hours of quilting and hand embroidery, I have finished my lanscape quilt. I am very pleased with the result. Hopefully when I look at it, I won’t find something that I want to change.

Each season has lots to look at – animals, plants, etc.  It really does look like my backyard.

Winter / Midnight
Spring / Sunrise


Summer / Midday


Autumn / Sunset


Some of the details:

Our first dog, a German Shorthair Pointer named Striker, and some hand embroidered flowers.
One of our first cats, Comet, who liked to climb trees, and some more flowers.
Our yorkie, Duke, barking an our cat, Onyx.  Onyx is always trying to get up and away from him.
Our oldest cat, Squigglez, who will be thirteen years old this summer, does enjoy wondering in the yard in the summertime.
Having a heavily wooded yard and lots of plants, we have lots of wildlife that visit.