Window on My World – landscape quilt background panels.

When designing the backgrounds for the panels of my quilt, I wanted each panel to be different. In doing this, I was hoping that I could enhance the imagery of each season and each time of day.

Winter / Midnight



Starting with winter, I thought that strips of various shade of blue, navy and deep purple going across the sky might show the movement of a winter sky.

Then, I added snow in drifts for the ground.





After sewing the snowdrifts, I decided that I did not like that the ground was different than the sky. So, off came the snow drifts.

New snow drifts were made of strips of white and grey fabric sewn to similar to the sky.

This I liked much better!

Spring / Sunrise



For spring, I wanted the piecing to highlight the sunrise. So, the blue, yellow and orange fabrics were sewn to depict the rays of the sun.

And, to keep each panel looking unified, I decided that the ground should also be sewn to look like the rising sun was casting rays of light on the ground.

Summer / Midday



For summer, I wanted the piecing to highlight the tranquility of summer when a slight breeze is blowing.  To achieve this, I pieced the various shades of blue with a slight slope away from the center of the quilt.  The ground was then pieced to echo  or mirror  the slope of the sky.



Autumn / Sunset



For autumn, I also wanted the piecing to highlight the sun, this time as the sun goes down below the horizon.

Yellow, orange and  red fabrics were used for the sun with various shades of blue and purple for the sky. These fabrics were sewn in strips but with shifts to show the sun rays.

The ground was sewn similar with various shades of darker green. Grey fabric was used to show the set of steps to one side of the yard.


Next post will include the applique designs for these panels.

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