Window on My World – landscape quilt background panels.

When designing the backgrounds for the panels of my quilt, I wanted each panel to be different. In doing this, I was hoping that I could enhance the imagery of each season and each time of day. Winter / Midnight   Starting with winter, I thought that strips of various shade of blue, navy and deep purple going across the sky might show the movement of a winter sky. Then, I added snow in drifts for the ground.       After sewing the snowdrifts, I decided that I did not like that the ground was different than the sky. So, off … Continue reading Window on My World – landscape quilt background panels.

A Day of Gratitude

Thanksgiving Poem (modified) Our table is set; great food you can bet. It’s Thanksgiving Day, and we’re ready to eat; All those near and dear us, are here today to cheer us. This dinner is a winner, a wonderful treat. It’s time to be thankful for all that God gives us; Dear Lord, we are grateful; Dear God, hear our prayer. It’s You we are praising; our voices we are raising; Bless us and our family; keep us safe in your care. By Joanna Fuchs While every day I am thankful for the many blessings, today is the day set … Continue reading A Day of Gratitude

Window on My World – designing a landscape quilt.

Our home, once filled with the busy-ness of four boys, is considerably quieter with only one son still living at home.  And, this week he is on a field study trip with his school making our house even quieter. Looking to the future, my husband and I have started thinking about moving in a few years.  When that happens, we will leave behind a house that I have spent considerable time and effort into making a lovely place to live. My backyard is especially enjoyable to me, with the trees and flowers and many places to sit and relax.  To … Continue reading Window on My World – designing a landscape quilt.