Another State Fair Quilt

Photo from State Fair
About a year ago, I won a package of fabrics from a local charity auction.  This set was a thick “layer cake” which included over one hundred of the 1895 Bali Handpaints Batik fabrics.
Palette of all 370 of the Bali 1895 Batik fabrics.


I love these fabrics, they are beautiful to look at, all of the colors of the rainbow.
After I arriving home with prize, I decided to sort them into the base colors.  In doing so, I realized that they would make a lovely quilt with the fabrics sorted into their respective color groups.
Using my EQ7 program, I started playing around with some ideas I had, looking for a design that would show off the gradations of the colors.
Shooting Star Block and Modified Block
The block I settled on is a modified and simplified version of the Shooting Star Block.
EQ7 design
By removing some seams and changing the coloring, I achieved a design that looked like intertwined ribbons.

Time to start sewing!

Finished Quilt “Dancing Ribbons”
Decorative Pillow


Pillow Sham – really shows the quilting in the “ribbons”.


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