Custom Thread Racks


For my long-arm machine, I normally use 50 wt cotton thread (Masterpiece from Superior Threads). I purchase these in cones that hold 2500 yards and are stored on wooden coat racks mounted to the wall in my sewing room.

Occasionally, I like to use other thread – 100 wt silk for fine stitching (Kimono Silk) or variegated silk (Tiara Silk) for adding variation to the stitching. My supply of these mini-cones and spools was getting too large to just have on the shelf – I was getting annoyed by them looking messy.

So, I needed a better way to store them, but I also wanted to easily be able to see my supply.  With space limited, I opted to make my own thread racks that would fit on the wall.

Supplies Needed:
Pegboard – we had scraps, so no cost

¼” wooden dowels – $0.69 for 36″ lengths
Wood Glue – already had available
White Spray Paint – $4 at Home Depot
White Frames – two at $9.99, one at $8.99
(with 40% off coupons, paid $18.50 total)
Total spent was $26 for three thread racks!

Steps involved:
1. Cut pegboard to size that fits in the frame.
Cut dowels in 2″ segments.
2. Determine the spacing for the size of the thread spools/cones.
I made two racks with the dowels in every other hole to fit Kimono mini-cones.
I made one rack with the dowels in alternating holes for smaller Tiara spools.
3. Glue the dowel segments in the holes of the pegboard. My dowels fit very snug so there was no need to clamp or support them while the glue dried.
4. Spray paint the pegboard/dowels – three coats of paint were needed to fully cover the brown color of the pegboard and keep the surface smooth.

5. Once dry, attach the frame.
6. Mount to the wall and load the thread.

My three thread racks, loaded with spools/mini-cones, work great and add a pop of color to my sewing room walls!



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