Highlights from San Francisco

Having taken a few days off work – I headed to San Francisco to see my oldest son. After arriving, I spent the first day walking around the Mission District. I enjoyed viewing the many wall murals along my walk. Women’s Building And the other sights of the Mission… Some of the highlights were actually getting the the higher places in San Francisco. Bernal Heights…  Twin Peaks…. My son, Tim. We also visited Napa and Sonoma.  Being a non-drinker (I know that is not normal for visitors the the Valley), Tim and I went to see the scenery and art. … Continue reading Highlights from San Francisco

Crochet Along Blocks – Crocodile Flower and Lion’s Mane Crochet Squares

Two more  crochet blocks completed.   “Crocodile Flower” Designer: Joyce Lewis Pattern: $1.99 at Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-crocodile-flower I really like this pattern.  There are many wonderful color combinations on the Ravelry website. “Lion’s Mane” Designer: April Moreland Pattern: free at Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lions-mane-12-square I’m still having fun making these! Continue reading Crochet Along Blocks – Crocodile Flower and Lion’s Mane Crochet Squares

Mandala Dyeing 2

My fourth attempt:   Combed cotton 22″ x 22″. Fold and iron fabric. Soak in warmed soda ash solution for 30 minutes. Place in tray over bucket. Place 8 cups of fresh snow over the fabric. Mix dye with snow. Orange, Mixing Red and Royal Blue  1/2 teaspoon of each dye mixed with 8 cups of snow and packed over the fabric. Place lid over the bucket and allow to sit at room temperature. After 24 hours, rinse fabric in cold water. Wash in hot water with blue Dawn soap. Rinse, dry and iron. Lessons learned: colors are brighter, but … Continue reading Mandala Dyeing 2