Mandala Dyeing

When I was first learning about fabric dyeing, I read about many different techniques.  One that I tried and really enjoyed was a technique known as snow dyeing.  And, living in Minnesota, we certainly have plenty of snow each year to play with!After trying some small samples, my first major piece that I dyed was the backing to my dyed fabric quilt (see Sept 22, 2015 post for more information).  I wanted the back of the quilt to complement the pieced from quilt, so I snow dyed with my six main dyes.  I then folded the fabric in a manner … Continue reading Mandala Dyeing

Dye Resists – Oatmeal

Now that the holidays are over, I have time to get back to some more fabric dyeing. I have a bed runner that I want to make that will have appliqued flowers, which I plan to use only hand-dyed fabrics for. So, I need to get more fabric pieces made. To create some variety in the fabrics, I will be using several dye resist techniques. In addition to dextrins (see October 30, 2015 for details), there are a variety of other techniques to use for dye resists.  One that I wanted to try (because it was readily available and rather … Continue reading Dye Resists – Oatmeal