Today is International Coffee Day

On Tuesday, we celebrated National Coffee Day. I didn’t find any place to get a free cup of coffee. So, I just made some at home.  Today, the International Coffee Growers Organization has named as the first official International Coffee Day.  The day is meant to promote and celebrate coffee as a beverage and to promote fair trade coffee.

Finland tops the list for coffee consumption per capita,  with an average of 21.8 pounds of coffee per year.  The other Scandinavian countries, including Sweden, are also in the top five.  The United States only ranks 25th in coffee consumption with a per capita consumption of 6.8 pounds. So, I guess that means my husband is more Swedish than he is American – at least in coffee consumption.

So, to honor these two days, I thought I would post a few of my favorite Coffeecake recipes:

Swedish Puff Coffee Cake Recipe

Swedish Puff Coffee Cake


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